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We opened our doors in May of 2009 with the goal of providing the highest quality of training to Houston’s security professionals. We have achieved and surpassed that goal.

We offer the best training, with the use of former law enforcement academy instructors, in a fun and professional environment. Our vastly experienced instructors are dedicated to providing YOU with the knowledge necessary to excel in the private security industry. 



We offer MORE than just security classes!

We also offer Self Defense & CHL Classes on a weekly basis. 


We have the best prices around!!!

Don’t be fooled by schools who advertise “free” training. Nothing is free! Investigate to find ALL the hidden costs. We have NO hidden costs.  Don’t be fooled by those that advertise their “total package”. If you break their package into components you will find the same certifications will cost you hundreds more than our regular “Complete Package”.   Why pay additional for pepper spray when it’s included in the Level IV training?  Why pay for additional Felony Handcuffing or “self defense” techniques, when they are required to be taught in the Level III?  Don’t pay for things which are already offered as a required part of the regular class.

We don’t show videos either! Our training is all hands-on. You will learn the proper methods during each module of training. You will learn and do things you thought impossible. 

Don’t be fooled by schools who  "guarantee employment”. NO ONE can guarantee employment. We do however; provide job placement assistance to those who need a guiding hand. As the authors of the curriculum, we have companies who call us and ask us to send YOU to them. 

Our prices are low and affordable. We keep our prices low so that EVERYONE can afford to be professionally trained; even those of us on a Ramen Noodle every night budget.

Welcome to PHOENIX!!!

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License # F01188

9800 Northwest Freeway
Suite #155
Houston, TX. 77092

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